PSVR MOBA 'Megalith' Free Demo Lets You Migrate Progress to Full Version – Road to VR

Megalith (2018), the first-person PSVR battle arena from Disruptive Games, now boasts a free demo that gives you a good chance to try out all of the game’s Titans before plonking down the cash for the full game.

In Megalith you play as a powerful Titan protecting your team’s base. Each Titan has their own special abilities and preferred range, making for an interesting study in balance. It’s not just head-to-head combat though; like in typical MOBAs Megalith has little minions that stream from each base which try to push ever forward by destroying defensive towers and walls along the way to victory.

Like in the game’s open beta, users looking to try Megalith for free will be given the choice of two Titans each week out of the possible five: Aurora, Cipher, Hunter, Taur, and Tundra.

The full game of course gives you free reign to pick whatever Titan you want, although a big benefit to the free trial is the ability to earn spendable gems to unlock skins, that along with all progress, comes with you when you buy the full game.

You’ll find the free trial on the game’s store page under ‘Free Demo’. Megalith has so far been very well received on the PlayStation Store, getting a solid [4.5/5] user rating.

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