Stormland Features 2 Player Co-op, New Trailer Highlights Combat Tactics

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Stormland, the next (and likely final) Oculus exclusive title from Insomniac Games, will feature drop-in / drop-out co-op for two players, the studio has confirmed. The studio also announced the ‘Terminus’, an end-game like experience where players will face their greatest challenge. A new trailer for the game highlights the diverse variety of combat tactics available to players.

Upcoming Oculus exclusive Stormland is among the most anticipated VR titles set to launch this year. The game is presented as an sci-fi open-world and incorporates a myriad of locomotion schemes from smooth movement, gliding, flying, and climbing, and all of it is mixed in with rich object interactions, combat, and exploration. A new trailer for the game emphasizes the diverse combat tactics available to players, including environmental and ability-based stealth, high maneuverability with smaller weapons, and the head-on approach supported by heavy weaponry.

Over at the official Oculus Blog, Insomniac detailed Stormland’s co-op feature which is said to seamlessly support two players. The studio says the “entire game” can be played cooperatively, and co-op is drop-in / drop-out, meaning that players don’t need to wait around to get into the same game together, but can instead set off for an adventure and be joined by friends without interruption.

While we would have loved to see co-op with more than just two players, Insomniac has thankfully confirmed that co-op will support seamless progression, meaning that players will not only inhabit their own character (including their unique upgrades and abilities), but they’ll also be able to tackle missions and continue their progression unhindered while playing co-op.

The studio says enemies have the same health and deal the same damage in co-op, but players can expect to see a larger number of enemies to present a greater challenge.

Speaking of challenge, Insomniac also spoke of the ‘Terminus’, a ‘raid-like’ area where players will face their greatest challenge while competing on community leaderboards for the top score.

Like the game’s overworld, the Terminus can be played single-player or co-op, and will reset and reconfigure to present a new challenge each ‘cycle’; the studio hasn’t yet said how often new cycles will occur.

Insomniac today also affirmed a holiday 2019 release date for Stormland. The studio will be showing a co-op demo of the game at PAX West this week.

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