The Climb 2 Update Includes 6 New Levels & Rhythm-based Climbing

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Crytek today announced at the Oculus Game Showcase that its solo climbing game for Quest, The Climb 2 (2021), is getting a nice little slice of new content tomorrow.

Called the ‘Freestyle Expansion Pack’, the free update will be landing on April 22nd, bringing along with it six new levels that you can play on both ‘casual’ and ‘professional’ modes.

The studio says there won’t be any checkpoints, and completing levels without chalk will get you bonus points.

Crytek is releasing the DLC in two parts, which will bring 12 new levels in total. The studio hasn’t said when the second half is due, but we’ll probably be more than busy with the newly announced “rhythm-based climbing” challenges.

The studio says it will introduce “disappearing grips along your route, requiring you to learn the grip patterns to the beat of a background track to progress through.”

The Climb 2 earned a solid [8.5/10] in our review for its refined climbing mechanics, interesting new challenges, and mesmerizing exotic locales.

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