'Ven VR Adventure' is an Adorable Platformer Coming to SteamVR, Rift & PSVR – Road to VR

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Ven VR Adventure is an upcoming title from Poland-based indie studio Monologic Games. Built from the ground-up for VR, the plucky little platformer seems to be channeling some of its contemporaries such as Lucky’s Tale (2016)Moss (2018), and Astro Bot Rescue Mission (2018).

Much like Astro Bot, in Ven VR Adventure you’re tasked with guiding little Ven on his journey to save his fellow pals, all of whom have been scattered across the planet by space invaders. As an intergalactic police officer, you track the game’s chief villain, Bruce Nelson, and save them from machines and deadly enemies as you maneuver around traps and other various dangers.

Monologic says that although you control Ven, some obstacles are “too hard to deal with without your help – like game bosses who can be even 20 times bigger than Ven,” which hopefully means some novel one on one combat outside of standard platforming fare.

Outside of simply playing the storymode, the studio says Ven VR will also include time trial challenges in each level, and “many other modes, comparing your performance against a global leaderboards.”

Ven VR Adventure is headed to SteamVR headsets, Oculus Rift, and PSVR sometime in Q2 2020. You can wishlist the game now on Steam.

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