VorpX Mod Adds VR Support for GTA V and Red Dead Redemption II

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VorpX is a tool which adapts many non-VR games to be played with VR headsets. A new update adds automatic configuration for both GTA V and Red Dead Redemption II, offering an optimized out-of-the-box VR experience with minimal fiddling.

VorpX supports a long list of games, allowing users play them using a VR headset along with various adaptations that make them more suitable and comfortable in VR. While the app doesn’t add core VR functionality like hand-tracking, for many games it adds head-tracking, stereoscopy, and other tweaks that make non-VR games playable inside the headset.

VorpX has a huge range of options allowing players to tweak games to feel right in VR, but this can be an involved process. Luckily the software includes built-in ‘FullVR’ configurations for specific games which makes them ready to play in VR right out of the box.

The latest version of VorpX, v21.2.1, now includes ‘connection mods’ for GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 which automatically configure the games for “a great out-of-the box FullVR experience.”

“The connection mods implement perfect 1:1 headtracking, decoupled walk/look/aim, auto switching to EdgePeek in cutscenes and menu screens for improved comfort, and unique VR optimized cameras for both games that get rid of nauseating head bobbing and whenever possible the equally nauseating moments where the games briefly take away control, e.g. when entering a car or mounting a horse,” the developer writes.

VorpX has been available in active development since at least 2013 and has seen regular updates adding new features and growing the list of supported games. It supports all Oculus, SteamVR, and WMR headsets.

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