Some Incredible Xbox One Deals Are Still Available After Prime Day (US)

Prime Day is over, but while Amazon’s deals have ended, some incredible deals on Xbox One consoles are still live. An especially steep discount is still available on Microsoft’s 4K-capable Xbox console, the Xbox One X. With the combination of a discount and a coupon code, you can snag an Xbox One X console for almost $200 off. That’s a terrific opportunity for anyone interested in the system but unwilling to drop the usual $500 it goes for.

The deal comes from Antonline through Google Express. The discount at checkout is automatically $166 off, but with the addition of a coupon code (JULY20SAVE), you can slash off another $20, making a total savings of $186 off. That puts your price at $314 (plus tax) for a system that generally sells for $500. That’s roughly in the price range of standard, non-4K consoles.

Amazon didn’t have much to offer on the Xbox One X during Prime Day, and the system also doubles as a 4K UHD player. Although it isn’t bundled with any games, this is still a stellar price for the console.

See Xbox One X at Google Express

The same deal also applies to this Xbox One X bundle, which comes with a digital download of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

See Xbox One X PUBG bundle at Google Express

Want both an Xbox One and Nintendo Switch? There’s one more crazy deal at Google Express to know about, and it also comes from seller Antonline. From now until July 22, you can use promo code GOTURE on a bundle with the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, the Nintendo Switch, and digital downloads for Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3, dropping your price on the bundle to just $400 (plus tax). This is an insane deal considering both consoles would generally cost around $550 together, saving you $150 total. Whether you want them both for yourself or know a friend who’s interested in the other console, don’t miss this deal while it’s still available.

See Xbox One S All-Digital Edition + Nintendo Switch bundle at Google Express

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