Xbox Game Pass adding Wolfenstein 2, The Surge, and Black Desert in May

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get access to at least eight new games as part of the service in May, starting with Bethesda Softworks and MachineGames’ first-person shooter Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and Chucklefish’s strategy game Wargroove. Both titles will join the Xbox Game Pass lineup on May 2.

On May 9, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get three more games: Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games’ space survival simulation Surviving Mars; Fullbright’s sci-fi narrative adventure game Tacoma; and Pearl Abyss’ fantasy online role-playing game Black Desert.

May’s lineup rounds out with tabletop-roguelike-RPG For the King on May 10, and on May 16, the sci-fi action game The Surge and kid-friendly action game Lego Batman 3. Microsoft will likely announce additional Game Pass games for May.

Microsoft promises more than 100 games as part of Xbox Game Pass, which costs $9.99 per month. Microsoft is running a promotion that offers the first month’s membership for just $1. The full list of games available on Game Pass is on the Xbox website.

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